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  • Arusha Tanzania


1. What route should I climb Mount Kilimanjaro? -There are several routes up to Kilimanjaro though they have been divided into groups by the climbers themselves according to their experiences some are very popular especially the Marangu Route (commonly nicknamed COCA-COLA) others prefer the Umbwe, Rongai or Machame. As they are somewhat frequented while others prefer less frequented routes the Lemosho and Shira Routes respectively. Each route has its own description so before making and decision please review all of our routes and if you may have any question do not hesitate to ask.
2. When is the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?
-The magnificent strato volcanic mountain is hike able throughout the year, though there is a little variation of the seasons, temperatures, precipitation and cloudy spells.
3. What is the accommodation like in Tanzania? -In Tanzania, there is a wide range of accommodation varies from basic camping too lodges (mid-range to luxury, 5* hotels, tents/camping on the mountains and many more of which both offers classic style services, selection is upon your interests, destination type of safaris and reasons.
4. What is the best time to visit Zanzibar?
-October and March are the best months to visit Zanzibar, as it’s the city’s a dry season, during this time, temperatures are typically mild and there’s very minimal precipitation. -December and January are the cloudiest moths with almost no precipitation.
5. What should I see and do while in Zanzibar?
-There is much to see and do while in this exotic island, this ranges from exploring the rich culture and heritage in the stone town, you can also snorkel, dive, scuba dive, visiting the spice farms, village visits, fishing and many more.
6. What type of wildlife can I expect to see on a Tanzania safaris?
-In Tanzania visitors expect to see a wide variety of wildlife ranging from mega fauna like the elephants, rhinos, hippos, zebras, to name a few and a diversity of over 450 birds’ species. You won’t be disappointed.
7. What type of vehicles are commonly used for Tanzania safaris?
-Tanzania safaris typically use 4x4 spacious and extended, pop-up land cruisers designed for wildlife viewing. We also have open-air jeeps to make sure that all of our customer preferences are met.
8. How long is a safari in Tanzania?
-The average duration is between 10-14 days though this varies much with the visitor’s preferences, interests, economic position and available chances, some extends their vacations in Africa to 1 days roaming through its natural beautiful landscapes, its peaceful, warm, kindhearted and honest people among others.
9. Do I need to tip?
-Tipping is just an incentive, guides and other staff members at the hotel aren’t allowed to ask for tips, as a visitor if you get impressed by their services throughout your safari and stay and feel like tipping them then do so. A typical tip for tourist driver guides per person per day ranges from $ 15-20, tipping in accommodation ranges from $ 10-15 and this is put directly into the tip box.