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Dassie Safaris are there for you, we sincerely hope that everyone who made booking our tour will be able to show up during the tour date and participate accordingly as planned. However, things do change, as life is unpredictable, any changes which will hinder you from travelling, please feel free to crosscheck us and we will revert to you as soon as possible and plan on how to reschedule you on another available tour.
Our digits are: 0769 904 704
A deposit of 50% is required to secure a booking in excess of 60 days (8weeks) prior to the event or tour booking, with the balance payable 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the booked date.
In respect of bookings made within less than 40 days prior to the commencement of the tour or event period, the fee must be paid in full amount to secure the booking.
Our objectives are to make sure all bookings made are conducted as planned, achieving our goals and make your travelling dreams come true.
All cancellation accepted by DASSIE SAFARIS must be made in writing.
Cancelations of up to 50days before the commencement of the event or tour period will result in a refund of 70% of the package price.
Cancellations within 20 days of the event or tour booking will forfeit the total fee.
Travel subscription will be validated only after a payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount by bank transfer to our account:

Refund policy is amended by DASSIE SAFARIS LIMITED
 We only refund any member of the tour indicated on any of the reservation 30days or longer prior to departure 30% of the reservation of the cancelling party will be retained by the company and the balance of the package price refunded, but only if we receive a written cancellation, and this should be done through our company’s email: info@dassiesafaris.com.
 Any cancellation received at least 14-29 days prior to departure,50% of the package price will be retained by Dassie Safaris Limited
 Any cancellation received in less than 10-14 days prior to departure,75% of the package price will be retained by Dassie Safaris
 Any cancellation received in less than 10 days prior to departure, a 100% of the package price will be retained by Dassie Safaris.
 Dassie Safaris will deal with the refund process in fully to which it will cost both of us a total duration of around 15-30days from the day of the cancellation, every refund is charged a 4.5% fee of the total package price and it is done through bank wire payment only.

 Client requesting to shorten the booked itinerary for whatever reason  Any natural circumstances arising beyond the companies control like visa refusals, adverse weather conditions, border closures, flight delays, riot, political instability, wars, accidents etc we will be there for you and provide alternatives if possible but we will accept no liability.
 Changing one mindset 5-10days prior to departure or while on the tour or substituting of services like accommodation.
 For safari planning and bookings, we keenly decided to display all of our tour packages rates so as to make it easier for you to compare prices of tours and packages in different African countries as well as Tanzania rates, this saves much on your time and gives more than just a chance to compare our excellent, unbeaten rates with those offered by other websites
 At the end when you select one of our packages it gives you chance to convert to your local currency, currently nothing is done secretly. All of our approximated prices give you guideline for the tour.
VITAL POINTS TO NOTE ABOUT PRICES ON OUR WEBSITE  All of our prices are based on per person sharing rates (basis).  All of our prices are approximate only to give you a super guideline.  All of our prices are quoted in United States Dollar (USD).
PRICING AND PRICING SYSTEM  Our pricing strategies are much promising to you. Travel with us and find better and unbeatable rates that suits your economic stability/position.
 Our pricing system determine the costs of tour by confirming all up-to-date rates from our suppliers and the health and market condition.
There are a lot of factors which do greatly affects the costs of our clients Tours We always try our level best to make sure even if all those changes happen, will not adversely affect the plans and mindset of our gratified clients.
-The common reasons being:

  • The duration of the tour
  • Tour Seasonality ---being a seasonal business prices do vary, shoot a little bit more during the high season and peaks seasons respectively but goes down during low seasons.
  • The number and age of people traveling---The overall price of 2/4/6/7 people for instance will affect the cost of the tour.
  • Inflation—The worlds economy stability is totally unpredictable due to inflations, so having a long- term plans of 2/3years of traveling plan is quite difficult to predict the exact costs.
  • The type of tour you are interested in will also affect the cost of your tour eg self- drive tours, fly-in safaris, escorted safaris to name a few.
  • Optional activities, unscheduled excursions and services not included in the tour package.
DASSIE SAFARIS LTD reserves the right to increase the price of any tour prior to departure due to factors that are beyond its control.
The following are some of the factors that may lead to price change, they are:
  • Increase in prices from other suppliers such as Transportation, Accommodation etc
  • Increase in fuel prices
  • Exchange rate fluctuations
  • New introduced government legislation
  • Increase in entrance fees, ranger fee, government levies etc.
Each and every client should get him/herself acquainted with customary practices. Dassie Safaris as well as co-operating agents do act in the capacity of agents for the clients in all matters and will under no circumstances whatsoever be responsible and be exempt from any liability for accidents, delays, injuries, loss or property damaging, or any other loss or damage from whatever it may arise. All tours are subject to the conditions of the concerned airlines, hotels, lodges, camps, restaurants and all other contractors involved.
Everyone has the fully right to book and travel with Dassie Safaris whether he or she is physically fit or not. A principal rule is that all travelers must be self-reliant on any tour with Dassie Safaris. Wheelchair users and other people with any other physical handicap affecting mobility are warmly welcome on our tours, but we kindly request you to be accompanied by a member who really understands you well, you should first consult us directly or your travel agency before make a booking so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements.
DASSIE SAFARIS LTD has the right at any time, and in its sole discretion, to amend or cancel any of the services or the remainder thereof, or to make any alteration in route, accommodation, transportation arrangements in the event of the services or any part thereof rendered impossible, illegal or inadvisable due to force majeure, the definition of which including war, civil strife, strike, riots, industrial disputes, fire, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, governmental interferences or any other external circumstances beyond our company’s full control.
All alterations should be put in writing, in that any extra costs and expenses occasioned as a result of an alteration or cancellation of itineraries shall be payable by the client on demand by Dassie Safaris.
When on tour our company guide will be in the position to speak out a final decision on all matters likely to endanger the safety and wellbeing of the client/group. All clients visiting the said country should strictly comply with the laws, customs, regulations and rules of the destinations visited as well as foreign exchange rules. Should the client be detected acting against the laws or be a nuisance to the group the guide should order the client to leave the tour without the right of refund.
Thank you so much for choosing to safari with us.
This travel deal is between Dassie Safaris limited and the client who make a booking or the travel agency that book a tour for the clients.
It’s upon the client himself to ensure that passport & visas are valid for the duration of the tour. The company can’t be held liable for any delays or matters associating with the incomplete or expired documents. Dassie wouldn’t be held responsible to the client for further travel arrangements.
On entering Tanzania, you are supposed to have or acquire a valid passport with an entry or re-entry visa.
Visas in Tanzania can be obtained from any Tanzania diplomatic mission or consulate abroad or online application mode may be used. Visas and valid passports may also be obtained at the country’s main entrance points like international airport like Kilimanjaro international airport (JRO), Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) and the Karume international airport (Zanzibar), border posts like Namanga, Holili, Sirari, Lungalunga among others and at the seaports of Dar es salaam, Tanga Mtwara etc. to name a few and minor seaports like Lindi, Mafia Island, Kilwa Masoko, Kwale, Bagamoyo and pangani.
Commonwealth countries and other specified countries are not required to obtain visas. E-visas & passports applications online may be accessed through:https://visa.immigration.go.tz/
Please consult with us for the specific age policies for bookings and reservations purposes please let us know the exact age as our suppliers i.e in accommodations do have variability in age policies. Note: if anyone give out the wrong information on his/her age, this will made us squeezed to the termination points with no refund.
 When traveling anywhere, make sure you have an active and recommended travel insurance, this will help both of us cater for any unforeseen circumstances, DASSIE SAFARIS do recommend the TRAVEL NOMADS.
  • The insurance must include cover for;
  • Accidents or illness
  • Covid-19 related issue
  • Default and Personal accident
  • Personal liability among others, seek for a propriate travel insurance to be on the safe side, we value your safety always.
  • Cancellation/curtailment
  • Baggage loss
With over 30 protected areas for tourism distances in Tanzania are vast and travel by road can be wearing. Plan to spend more time in fewer parks. This will give you a chance to see more, enjoy more and won’t return home exhausted. Please adhere to the rules & regulations of the parks and follow all of the instructions given out by your guides or ranger.
Bring filming/film and batteries for your camera with you. Clients are urged to protect their cameras from dust and keep their equipment and film cool. Tanzania is a safari country with lots of eye-catching attractions one can be convinced to take pictures but when photographing local people kindly ask for permission before so that you will get a good cooperation.
Travel makes one modest, travel into the wilderness really increases risks as we are surrounded by both small and large mammals that can be very harmful and dangerous, small, colorful and docile insects but can give painful and nasty bites, some plants can be itchy, with their thorns and broken branches can hide/harbor dangerous animal, be aware that all of our parks are unfenced, together with the lodges, and camps, so animals are free to move whenever they want to and this increase the risks, strictly follow all of our regulations and rules of our parks information given out by our rangers and guides should be strictly adhered to.
Never walk or leave your camps or lodges at night without proper supervision, children should be properly supervised.
We kindly urge you to always remember that we are in the wild, a home to wild animals so we should enjoy our travel/journey responsible, do not attempt to provoke, feed, caress, rescue, or walk close to any wild animals, attacks are rare. No pets should be allowed during game drives as they will trigger/exaggerate attacks.
NB: Dassie Safaris Limited team will do its very best to make sure your Tanzanian safari experience becomes a memorable and unforgettable one.
Dassie Safaris has a wealth of skilled tourist guides who are liable and competent enough to lead you throughout your safari/journey. If one of our guides falls sick or get any other problem that leads/made him/her to be unable to lead the safari. Dassie Safaris Limited and its operator will have the full responsibility to substitute with another guide.
We kindly remind you of the risks which may arise when on tour, some are un- avoided while some can be avoided only if we strictly adhere to rules and regulations of the visited country and the guides and ranger who controls the tour, each client should be in the position to acknowledge that the nature of the tour is adventurous, rough, muddy, dusty to which anything can happen to you or your belongings. Clients who choose not to use the provided vehicles seat belts, those who fail to cover their camera and filming gadgets against dusty and wet environments position themselves and their belongings at risk. We always train our guides every low season ensuring their up-to-date bush skills, risk minimizing tactics, educate and remind our clients of their safety, we kindly remind you to abide by the regulations and rules of our parks, company rules and from our guides as well.
CLAIMS AND COMPLAINTS Wisemen once said man is to error, though as your ground operator/handler here in Tanzania, Dassie Safaris is committed and shall always do our level best to ensure smooth running of our day to day tour activities, our key objective is to ensure that we meet your safari expectations at large. However, we do highly welcome suggestions, advise or consultations that will help us on improving the quality of our service.
All complaints arise when on tour or you feel not satisfied by the arrangements we kindly request you to report immediately to Dassie Safaris representative, and to the supplier of the service in question, who will do their best to resolve the matter. If you feel that the problem is not well solved to your satisfaction levels, we kindly encourage you to report the complaints in writing and not later than 20days after completion of the tour.
Dassie Safaris kindly urge you not to place written complaints on public platforms instead you should do it on our company’s email: info@dassiesafaris.com, fail to comply with the above stated protocol, liability for any complaints can’t be accepted at all.
LAWS APPLICATION These Dassie Safaris standard and non -biased terms and conditions to all travel agreements entered into between Dassie Safaris and the clients, pursuant thereto, and on the terms thereof shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of the united republic of Tanzania, irrespective of the place where the agreements were entered into.
DASSSIE SAFARIS do work with one off the best worlds leading partners in this smokeless industry, all partners are on guard to ensure that we deliver unforgettable travel experiences and happy moments to our clients globally at the same time maximizing enjoyment. 1.