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DASSIE SAFARIS is a modern tour company established under a very high motivation of receiving and treating all of our clients as our personal guests without regarding much on their nationality. We focused on our attention on training and improving the personnel, expanding and modernizing our offices and all of our facilities ensuring smooth running of our offices and field operations, smooth communication with the outside world and linking our operations nationwide. Everything in the DASSIE SAFARIS organization is designed not only to maintain the highest standards of operating efficiency and customer care, but also to build upon our achievements in our efforts to be the very best Destination Management Company in Tanzania and East Africa as well. Come travel with us, we will made you modest, we will provide you with the basic needs like safety needs, physiological needs, social needs, self-actualization and self-esteem needs. We will take you into close contact with the tourism milieus, both geographical and cultural and made you feel special beyond your expectations.

DASSIE SAFARIS - We are professional and experienced safari/tour operator in Tanzania.




DASSIE SAFARIS is a fully registered tour company with a valid license to perform its obligations. That make us of a trustworthy to you and all of your properties


Our staff are a team of knowledgeable and competent enough to perform on company activities and meet your expectations from administration level to field operations. Our staff are well trained, competent and highly skilled ensuring all of our client’s get experi-ence and high-quality service to their satisfaction.


DASSIE SAFARIS, Safari vehicles are 4x4 (4WD) land cruiser with a pop-up roof for a great wildlife view, photo-graphing, and sight-seeing from any angle. The vehicles are stretched, spacious and comfortable. All are in superb conditions and are convenient for short and long haul. We also have special VIP vehicles.


DASSIE SAFARIS held up 6 pillars for it’s successfully in ensuring high client’s satisfaction and reputability.

  • Travel with us and discover more than you expected
Our core values are;
  • A. Trustworthy
  • B. Timing
  • C. Honor/veneration
  • D. Professionalism
  • E. Certainty
  • F. Estimable

    Unity is power, as the wise once said no man is an island, so we need to join efforts, ideas, plans and competence and grow together as a successful team. Tourism is a complex phenomenon, one that is extremely difficult to describe succinctly. Any model of tourism must capture the composition of tourism system, as well as the key processes and outcomes that occur within tourism. These processes and outcomes include the very essence of tourism, the travel experience and the supporting means from outbound tour operator, travel agents, travel wholesalers and other tour and travel suppliers worldwide are welcome to be part of the great DASSIE team to make TOURISM possible. All are invited

    Quality Service

    Professional Team


    Laurean Josephat Maige:

    The Managing Director

    The President and among the founders of DASSIE SAFARIS LTD.


    Alex K. Samanya

    Assistant Director

    As a director and among the founders, he's also a competent, highly skilled and an observant

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    Happyness P. Gazo

    Dassie Operation Manager

    is a young skilled and highly trained

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