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Lake Chala Caldera Lake, measures 4.2km2 and 98m deep is a lake formed as a result of volcanic blast, the lake straddles the border between Kenya and Tanzania in the Kilimanjaro region, Rombo district. This beautiful bewitchingly lake was formed approximately 250,000 years ago. The lake is east of Mt. Kilimanjaro and east of Moshi Tanzania.it is surrounded by a steep crater rim with a maximum height of 170 m-200m. The caldera lake has both subsurface inflows comes from groundwater which is derived mostly from rainfall in the Montane Forest zone of Mt. Kilimanjaro at an elevation of 1800-2800m, the water takes about 3 months to reach the lake. This Crater Lake measures 3km long and 2.4km wide large enough for you to carry out different activities throughout your day visit. At an elevation of 880m above the sea level Lake Chala has got a variable climatic condition with temperatures scaling to 29°C during the dry spells.
DISTANCE: it is 55km from Moshi
-it is 135km from Arusha
-it is 95km from KIA
TIME: -It takes about 3-4 hour drive but this depends with where you were picked from.
GETTING THERE: From Arusha, KIA, and Moshi you will drive on a surfaced road to Moshi cement factory then branch on your left-hand side, drive on a dirty road till you reach the lake.
CLIMATE: Weather varies greatly depending with the time you visit, but there are two season, dry and wet spells respectively.
TOUR DETAILS> START/END- either ARUSHA, KIA, MOSHI GUIDING LANGUAGE- English GUIDE METHOD- Live guide TRANSPORT- 4WD pop up Safaris Jeep, Hiace, Coaster, Toyota V8 etc. depends with the group size.
Lake Chala is a rich destination with both indigenous, endemic and exotic species of both mega flora and fauna. It is very deep and remarkably blue, making it bewitchingly beautiful landscape but with no sand beaches or shores.
i. BIRDWATCHING- there are a lot of birds in this magnificent caldera lake both skulkers, little critters, wader, waterfowls and raptors. -it is thought to be an important migration corridor on the eastern flanks of Mt. Kilimanjaro and unexpected birds can be found.
ii. TREKKING CHALA HILL: During your visit you may opt to trek the Chala hill as part of your walking safaris, it is somewhat feasible as the hill isn’t that steep, all can do trek. When on a trek expect to come across different plants, animals, insects, breathtaking view and many more.
iii. SWIMMING: This beautiful, bewitchingly and deep blue lake has a V-shape form with clear waters and bilharzia free, sometimes appear green to turquoise depending with the angle of reflection. Swimming is not allowed but one can do so though it is very risk, the lake is very deep and lacks the shores or sand beaches making it more dangerous together with the projecting slippery stones which may appear rough and intimidating.
iv. CANOEING: Canoeing activities can be done upon booking, arrangement should be in advance and this will give you an experience of a lifetime kayaking in a boat with rocky walls all over.
v. WALKING ALONG THE CHALA SAVANA: Chala savanna a place you should not fail to visit, when you are around this lake it gives you a glimpse of Majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, view different flora and fauna, a huge valley with the neighboring Kenyan villages.
vi. CAMPING: camp here and get awaken by the bird’s songs, hyena calls and giggles, thrills and chirps of miniature insects, chattering of monkeys etc. a condition made you feel really immersed in the African jungle.
vii. FISHING: Lake Chala has unique chala tilapia (Oreochremis Hunteri) endemic to this unique place, live in a Ph. of 7.8 and this fish species population is highly threatened by overfishing.

  • -Dicrostachyus cinerea
  • -Sesamothamnus rivae
  • -Fever trees
  • -Euphorbias
  • -Marula trees
  • -Figs
  • FAUNA:
  • -Baboons
  • -Blue monkeys
  • -Vervet monkeys
  • -Rock hyrax
  • -Monitors (Nile/Savana)
  • -Agamas
  • -Snakes
  • -dikdiks
  • -Cormorants
  • -Egrets
  • -African fish eagle
  • -Doves and pigeons
  • -Queleas
  • -Francolins
  • -Guinea fowls
  • -Black kite
  • -Verreaux eagle
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  • 376 USD –DAY TRIP
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