• Arusha Tanzania

Great Migration

The ultimate wildebeest migration is the best seasonal attraction in the Serengeti national park. Million wildebeest, thousands of zebras and gazelles do migrate yearly, each one driven by the same ancient heritable rhythm, fulfilling its instinctive role in the inescapable cycle of life. During this period several activities take place including predation scenarios, mating rituals and grazing as well as migration, when not feeding the beasts from long columns of 40 km long and later plunge through the penile giant crocodiles-infested waters on the annual exodus, north. Birth activities do take place replenishing the species in a brief population that produces more than 9000 calves daily. They migrate at a total distance of 1500-2000 km through the entire ecosystem consuming millions of tons of grasses throughout their pilgrimage. .


10 Days Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Safari

Serengeti Wildebeests Migration is a display of natural wonders with over two million wildebeests, zebras, and antelope traveling over 450 miles across the plain to ensure their survival, unaware that there's danger presented by the stalking lion

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wildebeest MIGRATION MAP